Create your own

Alexis Jae custom ring from sketch to final piece

Your jewelry should be exactly the way you want it.

So, let’s create it — and save around 50% off traditional retail prices, too.



Tell us what you're thinking
Maybe you saw a piece you liked, but you wish it was a little shorter. Longer. Bigger. Smaller. Bolder. Shinier. Matte finished. It doesn’t even matter! Even if there's a design you've always pictured, but haven't been able to find anywhere, you can create it here.


We’ll bring your idea to life
Our family has been in the jewelry industry for 75+ years, so needless to say we know what works and what doesn’t. We'll work with you to perfect your idea, so we can make it happen at wholesale prices.


Approve and await
Once you approve the final computer-generated design, we’ll get right to work sourcing the materials and crafting them together in real life. You can expect your piece within 4-6 weeks because it’ll be custom-made just for you. 


We love bringing your ideas to life. Here are some examples of other dreams we’ve made happen. 

Alexis Jae customized bracelet lined with sapphires
Custom made and engraved ring, strong women
Alexis Jae custom necklace with pink stones and opal