Interior Design Services

Welcome to Alexis Jae, where luxury meets personalization. We specialize in crafting exquisite fine jewelry pieces tailored to your unique style and desires. But we don't stop there. Our dedication to your aesthetic satisfaction extends beyond adornment to the very spaces you inhabit. Delighting in our customers' trust, we're thrilled to unveil our expanded styling services, now offering expert guidance in interior design. Elevate every aspect of your world with Alexis Jae, where elegance knows no bounds.

Budget-Friendly Design Solutions

Our designers are experts at finding creative solutions to maximize the value of your budget. Whether it's repurposing existing pieces, sourcing affordable alternatives, or suggesting cost-effective design strategies, we're committed to achieving your vision without breaking the bank.

Affordable Fine Jewelry - Alexis Jae Jewelry
Customizable Jewelry - Alexis Jae Jewelry

Crafting spaces that reflect your style

We specialize in helping you uncover the perfect pieces that transform your living spaces into reflections of your unique style and vision. Our team is committed to understanding your lifestyle, preferences, and aspirations, guiding you through a curated selection of furnishings, decor, and accents. Whether you crave the timeless elegance of traditional design or the sleek sophistication of modern minimalism, we're dedicated to crafting spaces that resonate with your individuality. Elevate your interiors where every piece tells your story.

Jewelry with a cause 

A percent of profits from every purchase goes toward The Breast Cancer Research Foundation through A Cure In Our Lifetime, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded within our community. This cause means a lot to us, and we hope it means a lot to you, too.

Jewelry For A Cause - Alexis Jae Jewelry
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Our sourcing

our dedication to quality extends beyond jewelry to the very materials that shape your living spaces. We meticulously source a diverse range of materials, from sumptuous fabrics to premium woods and innovative finishes. Each material is chosen for its superior quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal, ensuring that your interiors are crafted to withstand the test of time while exuding timeless elegance. Whether it's sustainable hardwoods, eco-friendly textiles, or luxurious marble, we prioritize ethical sourcing practices and environmental responsibility. Trust us to transform your space with the finest materials, creating a sanctuary that embodies your style and values.