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Effortlessly elevate any ensemble with our Diamond Tennis Choker. In the ever-evolving world of fashion and jewelry, certain pieces stand the test of time, transcending trends and generations. Among these enduring classics, the Diamond Tennis Choker reigns supreme. With its timeless allure and understated elegance, this iconic accessory continues to captivate hearts and redefine luxury. It's low-maintenance elegance that never goes out of style. There's no need to overthink your daily accessories when you have this classic piece. Whether running errands, attending a business meeting, or enjoying a night out, it effortlessly complements your outfit, giving you a polished look with minimal effort.

Product details

Below are the details of our Diamond Tennis Choker. Please reach out if you have any questions.

Metal type: 14K solid gold (14k yellow gold, 14k white gold, or 14k rose gold)

Length: 10" with an adjustable 4" chain

Gemstone: Round white diamond

Carat weight: 4.7 tcw

Diamond size: .048 carats

Diamond color: GH

Diamond clarity: SI1

Setting: Individual four-prong setting


We can customize any Diamond Tennis Choker. To customize our diamond tennis choker necklace, contact us via phone, e-mail, or text before ordering. Customizations can include:

  • The metal type or karat concentration
  • The gemstone
  • The carat weight
  • The diamond size
  • The diamond length
  • The length
  • The clasp
  • The setting
  • The diamond shape
  • The finish
  • The the style

And much more! You dream it, and we'll make it. 

Let's make you the perfect layering piece. We will respond to all tennis choker necklace requests within 1 - 2 business days.

Shipping and returns

The latest delivery time for our Diamond Tennis Choker will be posted above the add-to-cart button. Almost all of our gold chokers with diamonds are made to order. Occasionally, we have a limited number of women’s diamond choker necklaces, which will ship immediately. Please e-mail us with any questions regarding production time.

We require a signature on all tennis choker chains. Please contact us if you'd like to waive the signature on this women’s diamond tennis necklace. Due to insurance policies, we cannot replace any women’s tennis diamond necklace sent without a signature. At present, we can ship anywhere in the United States. 

This gold diamond choker is final sale. We cannot accept returns on this Diamond Tennis Choker.

Our women’s tennis diamond necklaces are eligible for purchase with a gift card. Before checkout, all diamond choker customization requests must be confirmed with an Alexis Jae specialist. Please see our FAQ page or reach out to us for more information. 

Our commitment

A percent of profits from this Diamond Tennis Choker will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Let's find a Cure In Our Lifetime. 

All of our gemstones are ethically sourced. Fine jewelry shouldn't compromise morals. This full diamond choker is made with natural diamonds and 100% pure gold to ensure your piece doesn't tarnish.

Please contact us with any questions or customization requests. Our jewelers love helping our customers find the perfect piece of fine jewelry to add to your jewelry collection. We will get back to you within 1 - 2 business days.


What is a tennis necklace?

A tennis necklace is a type of necklace that consists of a single strand of diamonds or similar gemstones, which are linked together to form a simple and elegant chain. Its classic, timeless style has made it a go-to piece of jewelry for many people over the years.  

What is the history of a tennis necklace?

The tennis necklace traces its origins back to the 1987 US Open when professional tennis player Chris Evert, known for her love of fine jewelry, wore an inline diamond bracelet during a match. When the clasp broke, she requested the game be stopped to retrieve her precious jewelry. This incident made headlines, and the style of the bracelet she wore became popularly known as a "tennis bracelet."

Later, the same diamond tennis bracelet design concept was extended to necklaces, leading to the "tennis necklace" birth. Similar to their bracelet counterparts, these necklaces feature a single strand of diamonds or other precious gemstones in a symmetrical pattern. They are prized for their elegance and simplicity, making them popular for formal events and occasions. This style has now also been popularized in earrings and anklets.

What does tennis mean in jewelry? Why is it called a tennis necklace?

The term "tennis" in jewelry originates from the aforementioned incident in the 1987 US Open when Chris Evert's diamond bracelet famously broke during a match. The style of jewelry has since been referred to as "tennis jewelry" and is now applied to bracelets, choker necklaces, earrings, and anklets.

Why do tennis necklaces flip?

Tennis necklaces can sometimes be prone to flipping over due to the weight of the diamonds or gemstones. Because of this, it is important to ensure your diamond tennis choker necklace is properly secured and fitted with a secure clasp. You should also ensure you choose a tennis choker necklace made from high-quality materials, as low-grade metals are more prone to breaking or warping. The shorter the length of the tennis necklace, the less likely it is to flip. Usually, tennis chokers flip less than 16” women’s tennis necklaces. If you are very concerned about diamond tennis necklaces flipping, we suggest asking for your piece to be soldered. This will fix the tennis links in place. While it will prevent flipping, changing the shape once the necklace is soldered will be impossible. Contact us for additional details about this process.

How does a diamond tennis choker differ from a traditional tennis necklace?

A diamond tennis choker is a slightly different design than a traditional tennis necklace because of its length. While a standard diamond tennis necklace is 16”, a tennis choker diamond necklace ranges from 10-12”. There are also tennis collar necklaces that are a nice medium at 14”. A diamond tennis necklace choker wraps around the neck, while a classic tennis necklace lays lower.

How can you tell if a diamond tennis necklace is real? How can I verify the authenticity and quality of the diamonds in a tennis diamond choker?

One of the easiest ways to tell if a diamond tennis necklace is genuine is to look for a professional stamp or hallmark on the chain. This stamp should provide information regarding the metal type, carat weight, and origin of the diamonds. In addition, you can take your necklace to a qualified jeweler who can give you more specific information about its authenticity. When purchasing fine jewelry, it is always essential to buy from reputable sources. Upon purchasing, always get an appraisal to insure your diamond choker tennis necklace.

How much is a tennis necklace?

The cost of a tennis necklace depends on many factors, including the quality and quantity of diamonds, the metal used, the setting, the shape of the stones, the type of gemstones used, and the level of craftsmanship. It can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars for a small, simple diamond necklace to hundreds of thousands of dollars for one with larger and more intricate designs. Generally, chains with higher carat weights will cost more than those with less. Another critical factor is the gold weight. As gold prices have increased, so has the cost of purchasing jewelry. A bezel setting requires more gold than a prong setting and is more expensive.

At Alexis Jae Jewelry, we strived to fabricate high-quality tennis chokers without mark-ups. We often are asked, “Why are tennis chains so expensive.” Tennis chains are expensive due to the materials and labor involved in their construction. Diamonds and other gemstones used in the necklace must be of high quality, while each gemstone must also be precisely set by hand into its respective setting. This process requires considerable skill and expertise, which is reflected in the price of the finished product.

Moreover, all metals used for a diamond choker chain must be of the highest quality, as low-grade metals, such as sterling silver or 10k gold, can easily break or warp. All these factors contribute to the overall cost of a tennis chain. Tennis necklaces also have a higher carat weight than other traditional necklaces.

How to open a tennis necklace clasp?

Our gold choker with diamonds features a lobster clasp or spring ring clasp that is meant to be opened and closed by hand. We use these mechanisms to allow the tennis choker to be adjustable to your exact neck side. To open the clasp, push down on the lever. When you release your finger from the lever, it will close. You can then verify that the chain is securely fastened by very lightly tugging on each end of the necklace. 

Where to buy a tennis necklace?

When looking for tennis necklaces, it is vital to understand the components of the necklace. Many consumers just look at the carat weight but there is so much more than that! When shopping for engagement rings, consumers know to dive into the intricacies of diamonds. Shopping for a tennis necklace should be no different! One of the most important items to discover is color and clarity. We recommend purchasing a tennis necklace that is GH or higher. Any color less than that will not sparkle. When it comes to clarity, make sure it is at least SI1. It is crucial to make sure you are shopping at a credible retailer. While tennis necklaces can be found in jewelry stores and online retailers, one of the best places to buy a quality necklace is Alexis Jae Jewelry. We specialize in real diamond chokers without the mark-ups. Any women’s tennis diamond necklace can be customized.

What types of diamonds are typically used in a diamond tennis choker?

Diamonds used in a diamond tennis choker are typically round-cut diamonds, though other cuts such as princess, oval, pearl, emerald, baguette, and marquise can also be used. The diamonds must also be high quality to ensure the necklace sparkles and shines with maximum brilliance. Depending on the size and complexity of the necklace, diamonds come in varying carat weights from 0.3 to 20+ carats. Again, we recommend all diamond tennis necklaces be at least GH SI1 in quality.

What is the average length of a diamond tennis choker?

The average length of our diamond tennis choker is approximately 10 inches with 2” to adjust. This length allows sufficient room to comfortably fit the necklace around your neck while ensuring that the diamonds are spaced evenly along the chain. Depending on the desired look, some designs may feature a longer or shorter chain. 

How do you determine the carat weight of the diamonds in a tennis choker?

The carat weight of the diamonds used in a tennis choker can be determined by weighing each diamond individually. At Alexis Jae Jewelry, you can find the carat weight of each diamond listed on its product page prior to purchase. This makes it easy to get an accurate assessment of the total carat weight of your necklace before buying. Please reach out with any further questions!

How do you care for and clean a diamond tennis choker?

To keep your diamond tennis choker looking its best, it's important to care for and clean it properly. Avoid wearing the necklace in a pool or hot tub, as chlorine and other chemicals can damage the metal setting. Additionally, do not put on lotions, perfumes, or hairspray while wearing the necklace, as these products can cause discoloration over time. To clean the necklace, use a soft cloth to gently wipe away any dirt or dust particles on the metal and diamonds. For more stubborn buildup, use a jewelry-cleaning solution or take it to a professional jeweler for a thorough cleaning. 

What is the difference between natural and lab-grown diamonds in tennis chokers?

Though natural and lab-grown diamonds are optically identical, there are a few key differences between the two. Lab-grown diamonds are created in a laboratory setting using advanced technology to replicate the same conditions as those found in nature. They tend to be more affordable than natural diamonds and have less environmental impact due to their lesser need for resources during production. Natural diamonds are mined from the earth and have a higher price tag due to their finite nature. If you are deciding between the two, we are happy to provide a consultation to decide what makes the most sense for you.

What metals are commonly used for the setting of a diamond choker?

For all of our tennis chokers, we use 14k or 18k gold. Unfortunately, other metals, such as sterling silver, are not durable enough. While brass is durable, it has no flexibility to set the stones expertly. When choosing between yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold, you can’t go wrong! White gold is the most classic option. Yellow gold and rose gold are considered more trend forward. A good exercise is to look at what other necklaces you own. See how different metal colors will fit in with your existing stack. It’s all based on personal preference.

Can you customize the length of a diamond tennis choker?

Of course! Everything at Alexis Jae Jewelry is completely customizable. While it’s great to have the option to adjust, the necklace is cleaner if it’s the exact length without extra jump rings. Measure your necklace, and we can make your tennis chain necklace the exact size that fits you!

How do you care for and clean a diamond tennis choker?

To keep your diamond tennis choker looking its best, it's important to care for and clean it properly. Avoid wearing the necklace in a pool or hot tub, as chlorine and other chemicals can damage the metal setting. Additionally, do not put on lotions, perfumes, or hairspray while wearing the necklace, as these products can cause discoloration over time. To clean the necklace, use a soft cloth to gently wipe away any dirt or dust particles on the metal and diamonds. For more stubborn buildup, you can use a jewelry-cleaning solution or take it to a professional jeweler for a thorough cleaning. The metals we choose for our pieces are meant to be long lasting.

Are there sustainable or ethical options for purchasing diamond tennis chokers?

Yes! You can choose from conflict-free and lab-grown diamonds for your diamond tennis choker. You'll want to ensure the diamonds are ethically sourced to ensure your purchase is sustainable. With these options, you can enjoy a beautiful piece of jewelry without worrying about its origin or impact on the environment.