Everything to Know About Tennis Bracelets - Alexis Jae Jewelry

Everything to Know About Tennis Bracelets

By Alexis Taub

Everything to Know About Tennis Bracelets - Alexis Jae Jewelry

Everything to Know About Tennis Bracelets

If you're considering a tennis bracelet, you may have heard about it in TV shows or movies. Today, the piece of jewelry is known for its popularity and versatility. A set of diamonds on a plain thin string can be worn with anything. Whether you're on the red carpet or shopping in a grocery store, simply pair the eternity bracelet with the right outfit, and you'll look effortlessly collected.


Why haven't you heard more about this special little bracelet? Well, probably because they're always in style and don't need advertising for people to know about them. Most brands advertise the latest trends to get the word out. They won't pour their advertising dollars into a classic piece that always sells regardless of what's "in."


The gold tennis bracelet is versatile and timeless. If you're considering purchasing this jewelry piece for yourself or gifting it to a loved one, then keep reading for everything else you need to know.


What Is a Tennis Bracelet?

 Tennis Bracelet History - Alexis Jae Jewelry

A classic tennis bracelet is a bracelet that contains small diamonds and gems connected by a thin, precious metal chain. Typically, made of 14k or 18k gold, platinum, or sterling silver. At Alexis Jae, we recommend 14k, 18k, or platinum to ensure it lasts.


The tennis bracelet hasn't always had its moniker. The bracelet has only been associated with the sport since Chris Evert — a professional tennis player — wore a similar bracelet at the 1978 U.S. Open. At that time, tennis bracelets were known as "line diamond bracelets."


However, during a match at the U.S. Open, the diamond jewelry flew off Evert's arm. The game stopped while she looked for the bracelet on the tennis court, and it made headlines. When this event was reported, the stunning piece of jewelry was dubbed the "tennis bracelet." For a deeper dive into the history of the bracelet, read The True Story of Chris Evert's Tennis Bracelet.


What Bracelets Should You Buy?


When purchasing a tennis bracelet, there are various questions you'll need to ask yourself before you can move forward since there are several tennis bracelet styles. Here's a quick buying guide checklist to ensure you've thought through all the components.


1. What do I want the total carat weight of my tennis bracelet to be?


Diamond Tennis Bracelet Sizes - Alexis Jae Jewelry

Diamond tennis bracelets can range from 1 to 11 (or more) carats. The weight will depend on the size and the number of diamonds. Most jewelers quote carat weight based on a 7" wrist size. For example, a "3-carat diamond tennis bracelet" means that a 7" bracelet has 3 carats of diamonds. A 6.5" tennis bracelet will use the same size stones as the 7," but it will be less than 3 carats since there are fewer diamonds.


2. What gemstone shape do I want?


Baguette Diamond Tennis Bracelet - Alexis Jae Jewelry

Tennis bracelets typically have round diamonds. However, this can be modified if desired. Tennis bracelets can have emerald cut, princess cut, pear cut, heart cut - any cut stone. Mixed-cut stone bracelets are becoming more popular. After round cut, baguette cut stones are the most popular.


3. What gemstone color do I want?


Gemstone Tennis Bracelets - Alexis Jae Jewelry

While diamond tennis bracelets are the most classic, you can keep the style and replace the type of gem. For example, here are some gems you may select instead: sapphire, blue topaz, ruby, tourmaline, garnet, peridot, amethyst, emerald, tanzanite, etc. Emerald, blue sapphire, and ruby are the most popular after diamonds. Gemstone tennis bracelets make excellent push presents. You can customize any tennis bracelet with a newborn's birthstone.


4. What type of setting do I want?


Bezel Set Tennis Bracelet - Alexis Jae Jewelry

There are a handful of settings available for a tennis bracelet, including prong-set, bezel-set, half bezel, and channel set. 4 prong-set is the most classic and is what people think of when they hear tennis bracelets. Bezel set is becoming increasingly popular as people opt for a chunkier look.


5. What type of metal do I want?


At Alexis Jae, all gold is 100% recycled. We start with 24K pure gold and mix alloys to achieve carat and color. We also rhodium all our white gold styles for authentic whiter tones. The type of metal you choose will change the feel of the jewelry. White metals are the most classic and blend in the most with diamonds. Rose gold appears chicer. Yellow gold is best for the trendsetter since it's having a moment. We recommend 14 karat gold, gold 18 karat, or platinum when it comes to tennis bracelets. We would avoid 10k, sterling silver, copper, brass, and gold plated tennis bracelets.


How Much Does a Tennis Bracelet Cost?


White Diamond Tennis Bracelet - Alexis Jae Jewelry

The cost of the tennis bracelet can vary depending on the metals and gems used. Using authentic diamonds will be more expensive than using other gems like sapphires. Our tennis bracelets average around $2,500. The bracelets in the links below range from $995 to $5,550.


When Should You Wear a Tennis Bracelet?


When To Wear A Tennis Bracelet - Alexis Jae Jewelry

Wear a tennis bracelet anytime you want to elevate your look. They're particularly good at adding some elegance to celebrations or special events. That said, the piece is simple enough to wear with a t-shirt and jeans. Tennis bracelets are great for everyday wear or special occasions. The bracelet is made to be flexible, so it works for people with different styles.


Which Tennis Bracelet Should You Get?


Tennis bracelets are available in various golds as well as precious metals. Once you add gems to the equation, there are a lot of stylistic questions on the table. Often, the best way to choose which is best for you is by viewing various bracelets. This way, you'll feel what you like and don't like about the different features of bracelets.


1. Real Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Price: $1,560

 Diamond Tennis Bracelet - Alexis Jae Jewelry

This bracelet is what you think of as the "classic" tennis bracelet. You can select the metal color as 14K white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold. The tennis bracelet features round brilliant cut diamonds with a carat weight between 1 and 5 tcw set in individual four-prong settings.


2. Aquamarine Tennis Bracelet


Consider this aquamarine bracelet if you're not interested in the traditional diamond look. Customization with this bracelet is available. You can customize it to be 14k gold, 18k gold, or platinum for metal type. We can make this tennis bracelet in any length, gemstone size, or gemstone!


3. Small Diamond Tennis Necklace

Price: $5,500


The tennis bracelet is a preferred look by many women. How about the tennis necklace? It's the same style you know and love with small simple diamonds on a thin string. It is becoming super popular! This classic necklace has a total carat weight of 5 tcw. At this carat weight, it certainly shines but isn't too flashy. Pair this necklace with a choker and a longer chain for a layering effect. 


4. Bezel Set Tennis Bracelet

Price: $4,475


Bezel Tennis Bracelet

This tennis bracelet has bezel-set diamonds, which is a slightly different setting than what's traditional. A bezel refers to a diamond setting where a ring of metal that encloses the gemstone holds it into place. This style is more modern and edgier.


5. Pink Sapphire Tennis Bracelet

Price: $1,160

Pink Sapphire Tennis Bracelet - Alexis Jae Jewelry

Our pink sapphire tennis bracelet is rising in popularity. It comes in two color shades of pink - regular or hot pink. Our classic pink is a subtle way to add color to your wardrobe without feeling too loud. It's the perfect bracelet to look pretty in pink.


How to Wear a Tennis Bracelet


Bangle Tennis Bracelet - Alexis Jae Jewelry

Tennis bracelets are versatile pieces of jewelry that are acceptable for daily wear. They're a beautiful addition to any outfit, from formal dresses to athleisure. It's hard to go wrong with the tennis bracelet because there isn't a bad way to wear it. You can wear a tennis bracelet on either wrist. Most people opt to wear it on the wrist of their non-dominant hand. However, if you're still struggling to style it, some ideas can help you wear your tennis bracelet well.

  • Don't purchase a tennis bracelet that's too tight. You want it to drape gracefully across your hand. We recommend measuring your wrist and adding .25" for a tight fit and .5" for a loose fit.
  • Wear a tennis bracelet paired with a watch. Your bracelet should be worn closer to your hand with the watch pushed up a little higher on your wrist
  • Use a tennis bracelet as bridal jewelry. It's a great statement piece and complements engagement rings and wedding rings. It's a great piece to purchase ahead of your wedding because it can be worn on your special day and every day after.
  • Add some color to the bracelet with other gems to help make it more intriguing to the eye

Best Occasions to Gift a Tennis Bracelet or Necklace

Diamond Tennis Necklace - Alexis Jae Jewelry

Is there ever a wrong time to gift a tennis bracelet? It's a thoughtful and meaningful gift due to its classic design and popular appeal. It is the one piece of jewelry we feel confident every woman will love. Here are some occasions when you may consider gifting it.

1. Milestone birthdays (i.e., 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, etc.)

2. Push presents (gifts when someone gives birth)

3. Wedding anniversaries (i.e., 5th, 10th, 15th, 25th, etc.)

4. Valentine's Day

5. Graduation (high school, college, graduate school, medical school)

6. Job promotion

7. Retirement

8. Holidays (Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.)

9. Mother's Day


Frequently Asked Questions About Tennis Bracelets


·      How can you tell if a tennis bracelet is real?


You can use a small trick to tell if a diamond bracelet is real. Put the bracelet in front of your mouth and breathe on it. Time how long it takes for the gems to clear from the fog. If it only takes a few seconds, it's a real diamond tennis bracelet.


·      How many carats are in a tennis bracelet?


Tennis bracelets are measured in total carat weight rather than the size of the largest diamonds. Diamond tennis bracelets can range from a total weight of 1 carat to 11+ carats. This weight difference depends on the size and number of diamonds.


·      Can you shorten a tennis bracelet?


Yes, tennis bracelets can be adjusted. If you need a tennis bracelet shortened, consider taking it to a jeweler so that they can remove one or several links. This will give it a tighter fit.


·      How loose should a tennis bracelet be?


Tennis bracelets are not intended to be a snug style. Instead, they should move freely on the wrist without discomfort. With that, it shouldn't be so loose that it could slide off. To achieve this fit, you should be able to fit a single finger between the bracelet when it's fastened on your wrist.


·      Can you wear a tennis bracelet in the shower?


Showering with your tennis bracelet can leave a subtle film or soap residue on the diamonds. To avoid dulling their sparkle, take off your bracelet before showering.


·      Are there any other types of related jewelry?


Yes! Tennis earrings, anklets, and necklaces exist. All convey a very similar connecting style to the bracelet.


Final Thoughts

 Emerald Tennis Bracelet - Alexis Jae Jewelry

Buy one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry available today! Many mothers create a tennis bracelet as an heirloom that can be passed down to their daughter and/or granddaughter. The tennis bracelet is the perfect jewelry staple or gift for a loved one. They are very popular as wedding gifts to the bride from her fiancé, mother, or future mother-in-law to wear at the wedding. They also make the best birthday or Mother's day gift.

Our mission at Alexis Jae is to help people skip the middleman and invest in high-quality, ethically-sourced jewelry. We only sell fine jewelry (14k or 18k gold) featuring precious or semi-precious stones. Start shopping today and save 50% off traditional retail prices! Visit here to learn more.


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