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How to Wear Stackable Rings

By Greg Kristan

How to Wear Stackable Rings - Alexis Jae Jewelry

How to Wear Stackable Rings

Stackable rings are one of the hottest trends in jewelry today. Layering multiple rings on one or more fingers like a Gold Bezel Gemstone Ring or a Gold Celebration Ring is an excellent self-expression mode. It helps communicate your personal style, completes an outfit, and serves as a way to honor certain milestones or occasions. Some people start with a wedding band and build around that, for example. Ultimately,  what makes this trend so popular is that, to each person, it is unique and personal. No two people will stack their rings the same way.


That said, it’s important to know some basics about how to wear stackable rings. While there are no set rules, there’s a number of guidelines out there from stylists. Following them will help you understand how to style your stacks and wear them to maximum effect.


How to Style Stacked Rings

Stackable Rings

Styling stacked rings is not an exact science, but there are important rules of thumb you can follow. Most importantly, you want to find the right balance. Too few rings and the stack loses its punch; too many and your look gets overcrowded. Beyond that, almost everything else is fair game. You can play with tone, shape, texture, material, and so on to find a style that fits you. And don’t be afraid to be creative about it. After all, the end result is up to you. Find inspiration for your stacked rings from events in your life, your favorite seasons and designs, and so on. The rings should fit your personality and style.


One general tip ahead of stacking your rings is to ease off other jewelry, apart from earrings. More specifically, pare down the number of bracelets you wear. Since the purpose of stacked rings is to draw attention to your hands, you want to avoid clutter, so to speak. A cavalcade of bangles around your wrist might make your ring stacks less eye-catching and effective.


Start with a Statement Piece

Pinky Ring

Start with a ring that makes a statement. You want to pick something bold that’s going to be the center of attention. Then, create a flawless look using daintier rings and more muted pieces to let the statement ring shine. This could mean starting off with an engagement ring, or a gold ring that really pops. 


Mix Metals

Different metals have different effects, and you should use this to the fullest. You can go for a monochromatic look, and that certainly works for stacked rings. It helps unify and pull together your look. However, think about mixing it up. Perhaps try an ombre approach using multiple metal types. Another approach is to stick to two metals, assigning one as the dominant color. Then you can incorporate pieces of the second metal throughout the stack. The trick to this is dispersing everything evenly with one combination piece that ties all the metals together. Take rose gold and white gold, for example: you can build around a piece that combines them both and accent with one or the other.



While a bit controversial when it comes to ring stacking, gemstones can be a great avenue for expression and style. They help provide color and energy to your ensemble. If you opt for stones, try to make sure they’re the same color and/or neutral. Different colors can clash and look like a nuisance. Therefore, aim to keep things consistent and grounded. Consider matching the gemstone ring to your outfit, if possible. If not, you can opt for your birthstone or something that has meaning to you. 


Other types of gemstone bands you can use include eternity rings, which typically feature diamonds. Utilizing these or diamond rings helps keep things neutral. 


Band Thickness/Size

Initial Ring

When it comes to styling your stacked rings, there’s one general rule: the daintier the band, the better it is for stacking. Slim and simple bands can provide the best possible effect. Accent rings are a good example. These delicate rings can be added with pastel colored gems for a pop of color, or motifs like stars, hearts and flowers for increased geometrical variation. Consider mixing these with chunky bands for contrast. 


Another approach to size is midi rings. Smaller than regular rings, they sit on the finger just beneath the lower knuckle. These are an easy way to add more personality to your stacks while helping balance out the look. They are great at adding a touch of high fashion to any look. 


Which Fingers Do you Wear Stackable Rings On?

Now that you know how to style your stacked rings, there’s that inevitable next question--what fingers do I wear them on? The answer is not as simple as you might hope. It simply depends on what you’re going for. The plus side is that there are some recommendations out there from stylists that can guide you.


The Importance of Balance and Space

When you’re stacking rings, you’re trying to make a statement--to communicate something. The more you flood that communication channel, the noisier things become until what you’re saying gets lost. That’s why you need a good sense of balance in your styling. Bands on each finger can take away from the effect you’re going for. 


Ultimately, you want to create different levels to get some dimension happening. By spacing rings out between fingers, you create a more balanced look that’s pleasing to the eye. Leaning on symmetry also helps out with this. Showing skin between balanced pieces maximizes the impact you’re trying to make.


Leave at Least one Finger Bare

Many different style experts recommend that, if you’re going to stack rings on multiple fingers, you should at least leave one finger on each hand bare. Some suggest you leave the pinky bare, but this is not universal. This approach helps with overcrowding of your look and helps you accentuate a ‘statement finger’ if you choose one. However, this isn’t set in stone. Stylists suggest doing only one band per finger if you insist on all fingers being stacked. The general rule to follow is to wear a couple rings on multiple fingers, or multiple rings on one finger. This helps build a level of cohesion that will make your ring stacks really pop. 


Experiment with your stacked rings

As mentioned before, there aren’t any steadfast rules when it comes to stacked rings. Large stacks on a few fingers make as much a statement as small stacks across several fingers. You can play with metal, texture, gemstones, thickness, size, and a number of other variables to create a stunning stacked effect. You can approach it from a minimalist lens or a maximalist, depending on your style.


What you do with your stacked rings is up to you. It is, after all, a fashion trend designed to exemplify personal expression. So go wild with it--you can’t lose. Creating the perfect stack is an art form anyone can master.

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