June Birthstone: Pearls - Alexis Jae Jewelry

June Birthstone: Pearls

By Alexis Taub

June Birthstone: Pearls - Alexis Jae Jewelry

June Birthstone: Pearls

Since the days of Audrey Hepburn in her classic black dress, pearls have been a simple yet effective tool to elevate any outfit. They come in many options, including the sincere single strand, the regal four-strand, and even various colors to flirt your way into history.


Pearls are also the birthstone of June, making them a diverse gift choice, elegant while meaningful. Giving pearl jewelry to a loved one is a sure-fire way to show them how much they mean to you while giving them a versatile piece that can go with almost every outfit.

Pearl Birthstone Meaning

Pearls belong to the vibrant and playful Gemini. If your birthday is in June, you have a high probability of being a Gemini (you're a member of the Twin sign if you were born between May 21 and June 20), and if you are, the pearl is your birthstone twice over.


The luminous and brilliant pearl birthstone is associated with light and purity. This sense of innocence and serenity makes it an excellent representation of new life and beginnings, births, marriages, and other fresh starts. Wearing a pearl as your birthstone is meant to bless all your new beginnings, bringing luck and love closer into your life.


The sweet simplicity of pearls brings an element of rejuvenation to your birth month. This is a symbol of starting fresh, a clean slate from the beginning that gives you limitless potential from now on.


Another aspect of pearl birthstones is their organic nature. They are the only "gemstone" that grows inside a living creature. Pearls are formed inside an oyster or mussel when they secrete a substance to eliminate an irritant (usually sand or something like it). An oyster secretes a pearl when dust or other allergens enter its system. When this happens on its own, the pearl is natural. When this happens with human intervention, it is called a cultured pearl. Cultured pearls still are produced from an oyster, but a human inserts an irritant to cause a secretion.


It might sound gross, but the substance, pressure, and time create something beautiful and pure. Pearls are a new beginning emerging from irritation and strife to glow brightly with purity and innocence, making them an excellent metaphor for your June birthstone.

Are Pearls In Style?

Pearl Initial Bracelet

Pearls have been a symbol of high quality and class for thousands of years, as far back as Cleopatra, when the young female ruler used pearls to express her country's power. Marilyn Monroe, a classic symbol of feminine power and beauty, brought cultivated pearls into vogue. This gives the pearl enormous prestige in the history of fashion.


But are pearls in style for 2022? Great news; pearls are riding the '80s and '90s comeback train. 2022 has been an excellent year for refreshing and renewing as we all wake up from our hibernation, and the fashion industry is doing that by bringing back and updating past trends. Pearls have been a best seller since 2021.


The great thing about modern pearl trends is the fresh twist being given to them. No longer only for preppy or aristocratic looks, pearls are used as accents in fun, and modern ways, necklaces, bracelets, headpieces, and even nail art. As a result, pearls are in style, giving you a simple and easy way to recycle your fashion for a fresh look. They're often paired in jewelry with 14k white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold instead of plain pearl strands. They are often incorporated in modern designs such as huggie pearl drop earrings or pearl bracelets with initials.

Pearls As Gift Meaning

Like many classic gifts, pearls as a gift have a mixed review. In the Middle Ages, pearls were believed to be the tears of a mermaid or angels and were said to bring tears and sadness. However, on the flip side, pearls bring innocence and luck to new beginnings, especially those born in June or the Gemini star sign.

June Birthday Gifts For Her

Birthday gifts are a fun category that gives you so many options it can be overwhelming. Do you get something functional, beautiful, or the elusive gift that fits both types? Bonus points if you can find something deeply meaningful at the same time.


Pearl birthstone gifts are beautiful and meaningful gifts in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Various sizes, lengths, and strand counts of pearls can mean other things, allowing you to tailor your gift to the lady in your life. Whether she has a classic look or she chooses the funkier pearls, you can select the perfect June birthstone jewelry for the Gemini in your life.

30th Wedding Anniversary Gift For Wife

Originally, pearls were harvested in the wild from mollusks. This meant foraging for oysters or mussels and hoping they had a pearl that was sizeable and clear enough to use for jewelry.


This made natural pearls rare and exotic, making them the perfect gift for a huge milestone like a 30th wedding anniversary, although difficult for the average person with the average income to get their hands on. However, once Kokichi Mikimoto began cultivating pearls, the market for these gemstones burst open.


The increased availability of pearls hasn't dulled the personal meaning of giving pearls to your beloved wife of 30 years. It's become a symbol of your pure, long-lasting love that is classic and traditional while stylish. Pearl rings make an excellent 30th wedding gift. Birthstone rings always make wonderful anniversary gifts because they can symbolize a renewal of vows. Bonus points if it stacks with an engagement ring! Mix pearls into a diamond necklace to make an extra special gift.

Pearls for Mothers Day

Nothing says class and elegance quite like your mom. Pearls for Mother's Day are a perfect accent to the beauty and tradition your mother brings to your family. In addition, pearls bring protection and luck to the mix. They can be integrated into a wide variety of gifts, like pearl necklaces, pearl earrings, and pearl bracelets, providing you with a customized way to give pearl gifts for Mother's Day.

Pearls for Wedding Day

There is a longstanding tradition of giving pearls on the wedding day. With their milky white coloring, pearls are the perfect accent for a traditional ivory dress and add a touch of elegance to the more modern wedding dress that can be any color of the rainbow. Symbolizing luck and love in new beginnings, pearls are the perfect accent for the first day of the rest of your life. If you have pearls from your grandma, it is special to repurpose them into modern jewelry to wear on your wedding day. We love creating dangle teardrop wedding earrings from repurposed pearls.

June Pearl Birthstone Necklace

Pearl Pendant - Alexis Jae Jewelry

The perfect June pearl birthstone necklace has a few characteristics. The trick is to use the stone as a focal point when giving a birthstone necklace. Rather than a string of pearls, a simple pearl pendant adorned with accent stones can bring attention to the beauty and luster of the pearl while symbolizing luck and protection.

Pearl Birthstone Bracelet

Akoya Pearl Bracelet - Alexis Jae Jewelry

Pearls are an elegant solution for women who prefer a bracelet to accent their outfits. Pearl bracelets should take advantage of slimness and simplicity wherever possible. Using a thin string of smaller stones such as diamonds or one of June's other birthstones (alexandrite or moonstone) or a chain with an accent of pearls keeps the bracelet delicate and simple while maximizing its impact.

Pearl Birthstone Earrings

Pearl Earrings

Pearl studs are a classic look that will never go out of style. However, depending on your chosen setting, they also come packed with versatility. This can vary from a few simple extras to nestling a lustrous pearl in a bed of diamonds.

Dangling pearls are also famous, allowing for designs that drip the pearl down or cradle it. This gives pearl birthstone earrings a considerable amount of creativity and personalization.

There is nothing more classic than a pair of pearl stud earrings. They come in various sizes. Those going for a timeless look should opt for pearl studs.

Pearl Birthstones Are the Ultimate Statement

Whether drawn to pearls because of the class and elegance they bring or a June birthday, pearls bring purity and innocence to every day. Choosing a pearl necklace, bracelet, or earrings speaks to the hope of new beginnings, showing your loved ones that their future is bright.

Pearl Birthstone Facts

Oysters VS Mussels

While it might seem that a pearl is a pearl, the provenance matters, pearls come from mollusks, either oysters or mussels. Freshwater pearls are made by mussels, while saltwater pearls are more rare and valuable, created by oysters. Saltwater pearls of high quality are found in less than one in ten thousand wile oysters. There are both cultured freshwater pearls and cultured saltwater pearls.

Freshwater For The Win

95% of the world's pearls are freshwater, usually sourced from freshwater farms. Freshwater pearl farms are abundant in China, where most freshwater pearls are farmed.

This leaves saltwater pearls the rarer option, allowing them to command a higher price. However, freshwater pearls make up for this by being easier to find and more varied in their placements in jewelry.

Why Does June Have 3 Birthstones?

If you're looking for a birthstone present for someone, you may have noticed that you're frequently given several birthstone options. For example, June has three birthstones; pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone.


This is done because one stone may become less common at any time, leading to a shortage. For instance, in the early 1900s, pearls had been over-sourced, leading to a deficiency. In this case, alexandrite (mined in Russia, Sri Lanka, East Africa, and Brazil) or moonstone (mined in Sri Lanka, Southern India, Australia, and North and South America) can be used as a substitute.

History of Pearl Jewelry

Pearls have been used as meaningful adornments as far back as 420 BC. If you swing by the Louvre, you can see a Persian princess' sarcophagus on display. This sarcophagus is adorned with fragments of pearl jewelry.


Pearls have played a part in history as well. Cleopatra VII (usually known just as Cleopatra) was the last pharaoh to rule Egypt. She was also the richest and used this to her advantage when resisting Roman attempts to conquer Egypt. Caesar sent Marc Anthony to conquer Cleopatra.


Although the two began a torrid love affair that's been the subject of many stories, Cleopatra mocked Anthony's attempts to seduce her with Rome's wealth. At the time, pearls were the most expensive gemstone. Cleopatra affirmed she could serve Anthony a dinner so expensive that Rome could never match the cost.


She then ordered a glass of vinegar and used it to dissolve a massive pearl. We imagine Marc Anthony was suitably impressed as Cleopatra drank the entire glass of vinegar and pearl concoction, cementing her position as unimpressed by Rome's wealth.


By 1907, pearls had been foraged so severely from the freshwater and saltwater sources that they were scarce. This led Kokichi Mikimento to invent and patent cultivated pearls. He would insert a tiny pebble into an oyster, giving oysters an irritant to secrete around, creating a pearl. This method meant being able to produce pearls, making them available to more people, and opening up the market.


These pearls were seen by high society as lower quality until Marilyn Monroe was gifted a beautiful necklace by her husband on their honeymoon. Pictures of the glamourous actress galvanized a movement toward the cultivated pearls.

Best Place To Buy Birthstone Jewelry

Quality and trust are paramount when choosing a place to buy birthstone jewelry. Look for a jeweler that prizes quality above all else. While pearls can be adorned with sterling silver jewelry, we always recommend gold jewelry. When purchasing jewelry, it should be made of the highest quality and built to last. Sterling silver is cheaper initially; it often ends up in rebuying jewelry after a year.

Order from companies with a wide variety of authentic jewelry; this variety shows they know what they're doing and have high-quality products. We also recommend looking for Akoya pearls to ensure you're getting high-quality pearls. It is said the best pearls are south sea pearls because they take the longest to cultivate.

At Alexis Jae, our family started in the pearl business and expanded to all types of fine jewelry. We are so happy to see the resurgence of pearls and love creating unique pearl looks.



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