Second Marriage Engagement Rings - Alexis Jae Jewelry

Second Marriage Engagement Rings

By Alexis Taub

Second Marriage Engagement Rings - Alexis Jae Jewelry

Second Marriage Engagement Rings

Celebrating a second marriage or engagement is an extraordinary moment in someone’s life, demonstrating courage and hope for new beginnings. Whether you’re looking for a second change engagement ring or something entirely different, there should be no less joy than the first time. That’s why finding an engagement ring that reflects this special bond and celebrates its uniqueness is essential!


Follow our engagement ring guide and get the perfect piece to symbolize this beautiful life step.

Choosing an Engagement Ring for Second Marriage

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As the foundation of your future together, engagements are a unique and meaningful experience. So let yourselves savor this particular moment—whether it’s your first time or fifth as you plan for a wedding like no other! Choose an engagement ring for your second wedding that will truly convey all the love between you in its shining display, knowing that it marks just one step on some beautiful, shared journey.

Consider her style

Engagement Ring Styles - Alexis Jae Jewelry

You’ll want your partner’s style to shine through when selecting an engagement ring. Is she a romantic at heart? Opt for something with beautiful, flirty details that reflect her inner beauty. Or is minimalism more of her vibe? Then go vintage or classic – the options are endless! No matter what design you pick, simply remembering and incorporating her unique taste into your selection will make it extra special. If you have an heirloom ring, we always recommend running it by her first. Women often have an idea of the diamond shape they’d like.


Consider her lifestyle

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From the beach to a night out, an engagement ring should be able to follow your special someone through life’s journey. With careful consideration of both style and strength, finding that perfect balance between beauty and durability will ensure she can have it all!


Incorporate a personal touch

Personalized Engagement Ring - Alexis Jae Jewelry

Surprise them with something unique that honors the joyous occasion, like a thoughtful design or unconventional gemstone colors to symbolize this new life together. We often recommend surprising soon-to-be fiances with engraved messages or dates in the band.


The quality of the ring

For couples delving into the world of engagement rings, a balance must be struck between style and practicality. It is always recommended to go to a trusted jeweler when selecting engagement rings. A good jeweler will help you balance what you want with quality. Depending on the shape of a gemstone, there are different recommendations for color and clarity. With brilliant shapes, like rounds, ovals, and radiants, it’s essential to prioritize color. With faceted-shaped diamonds, it’s crucial to prioritize clarity. Soon-to-be brides and grooms will often have a desired carat weight in mind. Work with a jeweler to balance the cs. A good jeweler can also help you get a stone that presents itself larger to help you get more bang for your buck. When purchasing a diamond engagement ring, we always recommend a GIA-certified stone. Besides the quality of the diamond, make sure to understand the craftsmanship capabilities and the materials.



Engagement ring styles


Finding the perfect engagement ring (and wedding band) isn’t easy, but with thoughtful consideration of critical factors like design and price, you can make a decision that will last forever. While wedding planning for a second marriage can often be vastly different from a first marriage, we’ve found the process for first engagement and second engagement rings to be similar.


Gemstone shapes

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Everyone has a different preference for gemstone shapes. Unless your soon-to-be fiance loves surprises, we often recommend discussing the shape she likes best. While she doesn’t have to be involved in the entire process, knowing the shape is usually a good starting point. The most common ring shapes are round, oval, and emerald. For the more unique or fashion-forward women, pears can be an excellent choice. Dare to be bold and go for a non-standard diamond shape like radiant or marquise. Or take it one step further by combining multiple shapes? With such an innovative touch, there’s no doubt that your engagement ring will shine brightly above all the rest. Of course, a toi et moi ring is always an option if you can’t choose between two.

Let your love shine through an engagement ring full of symbolism and meaning. A heart-shaped gemstone will clearly express to your partner how much you care, while the oval and round diamond option offers a more practical approach by appearing larger than its carat weight suggests.


Colored gemstones

Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings - Alexis Jae Jewelry

Show your long-term commitment with an engagement ring that reflects her unique style! Each month has a gemstone that represents it. For example, January’s birthstone is Garnet, and March’s birthstone is aquamarine. You can use your wedding month or the month you meant to choose the center stone. There are also ways to subtly put symbolic gemstones in the band if she prefers a classic center diamond stone.

Besides diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and rubies are extremely popular. If you want something unique, opt for the luxury of fancy-colored diamonds in hues like pink and yellow - perfect tokens of love and affection.


Ring settings

The trending style is four prong solitaire rings on a dainty gold band. Give your engagement ring an edgy, unique touch by choosing clusters of smaller diamonds instead of one large diamond. This setting offers a stylish look and is more cost-effective than buying a single stone – the best bang for your buck! Or go with something trendier - bezel settings and scalloped edges that provide extra security while looking unexpected.


Look no further than rose gold engagement rings for those seeking romance. Rose gold is often the most complimentary to most people’s skin tone. Yellow gold is a popular choice right now. Its vibrant hue and timeless elegance make it ideal for an unforgettable stone engagement ring, exuding class and lasting durability with each twinkling sparkle. The most classic choice for wedding ring settings is white gold and platinum.

Ring styles

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Express your commitment and her style with a vintage engagement ring if she loves romantic details like filigree designs or embossed pieces. If simplicity is essential to her, choose a classic solitaire design as the perfect accompaniment for that little black dress or tailored suit. For fashion-minded women who always keep up with trends, impress them by gifting something timeless—a modern engagement ring! Think about incorporating side stones for a less youthful look.

Using a wedding ring from a previous marriage

Wedding Ring From Previous Marriage - Alexis Jae Jewelry

There are no hard and fast rules when selecting a second-time engagement ring. Nonetheless, a few things should be considered before you make your choice!


Ending your first marriage can be a trying experience, mainly if the divorce was not mutually agreed upon. Many women remove their rings when their first marriage goes south; some keep them on until they are ready to let go of that chapter in life. If the marriage ended badly, getting a fresh start with a new ring is recommended. There are many ways to repurpose an old engagement ring into a cocktail ring, earring, or pendant.


Your engagement ring reminds you of the special bond that ties you together, so it’s only fitting to acknowledge your new relationship union and start fresh. While it is most common to create an entirely new engagement ring, there are subtle ways to incorporate the design of a previous engagement ring if that’s important to you.

Second marriage engagement ring etiquette

Second Marriage Engagement Ring Etiquette - Alexis Jae Jewelry

While etiquette isn’t always something everyone feels passionate about, the rules of engagement rings have become much more relaxed in recent years. Shopping for second-time brides and grooms doesn’t mean a traditional diamond ring is out of style – all types are now considered suitable celebrations when it comes to popping that all-important question!


Engagement rings are the gift of love for a lifetime - timeless and ageless. While trends may come and go, it is perfectly acceptable to find inspiration from styles that have emerged in past decades; what was beautiful 20 or 30 years ago will still be as glamorous today!


Here are a few things to think about before you get down on one knee:

  • Going bigger and better is not always the best move regarding second-time engagements. While for some, splurging on a more expensive ring can show your commitment is stronger than before - no matter how long you’ve been together. Quality will always beat size and price when it comes to such an important symbol of love!
  • If you want to start fresh, pick something that puts the past in the past. Choosing a style and design different from anything she has seen before will ensure nothing is lingering between her and what was - just promise-filled potential for new beginnings.
  • If you have an ex, think through the implications of a flashy engagement ring. Though it may look gorgeous and make your heart flutter, remember that too much bling could lead to more drama than diamond sparkles are worth!


For those entering a second marriage, starting the journey anew with new jewelry is often best. Tucking away the rings from past engagements is highly recommended for your new partner to feel completely secure and comfortable. While there are exceptions to this rule depending on one’s circumstances, starting afresh can provide lasting joyous memories as you enter into a brand new union of love!



Final Thoughts

Although the commitment you make when exchanging rings remains unchanged between a first and second marriage, it’s essential to recognize that different steps must be taken before starting this next chapter of your life. As part of something special yet familiar, remember why both ceremonies matter.


An engagement ring is full of symbolism that reflects enduring love and commitment. Make sure to find the perfect piece for yourself or your partner for lasting happiness in this second marriage!


At Alexis Jae, we are proud to offer a wide selection of fine jewelry pieces perfect for your big day! Our unique engagement rings come in various shapes, sizes, styles, and colors to suit any taste. So whether you’re looking for something classic and timeless or modern and trendy, our experienced jewelers will help you customize the perfect ring for your big day. 


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