selling old gold jewelry

Selling Old Gold Jewelry

By Alexis Taub

selling old gold jewelry

How to Strike Gold by Selling Your Jewelry

You look into your jewelry box and see jewelry pieces that you haven't worn in ages or that have been passed down to you. They may no longer be your style or have no importance to you, so why let them sit there? Your gold pieces are a precious resource, and selling gold jewelry is a great way to earn extra cash.

Learn everything you need to know about selling gold

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Selling your gold turns your unwanted jewelry, gold coins, gold bullion, scrap gold, and other gold items into cash. Jewelry is one of the most common items in which you can find gold. The gold in these pieces can be worth a good amount of money. 

But how can you sell your jewelry, and how much is it worth? Depending on the gold content of the jewelry, your pieces can be of great value. When making the decision to sell your gold jewelry, you should consider the sentimental value of your piece, the current economic conditions of the market, your knowledge of the process, and future prices of gold.

Read on to learn all the ins and outs of selling gold jewelry, from how to find the value of your gold, to how to find the best gold buyers and how it is ethical. Selling your gold may seem like a daunting task when you don’t know where to start; luckily, this article will provide you with the understanding you need to go through the process smoothly. 

Why should you sell your old gold jewelry?


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 Selling your gold not only provides you with immediate funds but makes a positive environmental impact. Recycling materials like gold and silver is a great way to make fine jewelry sustainable. By recycling these precious metals, it removes the need to mine them from raw materials, which causes water contamination and deforestation. This supports our mission at Alexis Jae Jewelry to provide fine jewelry pieces that are ethically sourced and recycled at great prices.


Selling old gold jewelry is easy and you can find value in old engagement rings, gold bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and wedding bands. Not only will you get cash for gold, but you will have space to update your jewelry collection with new gold items.


How much is your jewelry worth?


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Before you try to find a buyer, it is essential to understand the value of your gold pieces. The price of gold fluctuates and depends on inflation and other market conditions. In recent months, the price of gold has been on an upward trajectory, making it a great time to sell. You can check the current price of gold online on websites like Many buyers will also buy other precious metals, gemstones, and diamonds.
The gold value depends on factors of weight, purity, and the form it is in (jewelry, coin, etc.). Value also depends on the type of gold your jewelry is made from, such as yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. The purity of your gold content is reliant on how many gold karats the piece consists of. A gold karat is 1/24 parts gold, meaning 24 karat gold is pure gold. For instance, many jewelry pieces are made from 14-karat and 16-karat gold, which is a diluted version of gold, a gold alloy. Some pieces may be gold-filled or gold-plated meaning the amount of gold varies. This makes jewelry pieces more affordable but also lowers the value when reselling them.

Keep in consideration that the estimated value may be less since many buyers factor in operational costs and profits for the prices they offer. A rule of thumb is the higher the purity of gold, the more the piece of jewelry is worth. With this in mind, you can get an idea of what pieces are more valuable to sell your gold for the highest price

How to find gold buyers


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When looking for a buyer to sell your gold scraps to, you have the option of selling to your local jewelry store, pawn shops, or online gold buyers. This depends on your preference and how quickly you want to make a transaction. Going to your local jeweler may be the quickest option, but online buyers may provide competitive rates. 


To find the best buyer near you, you will want to consider factors like transparency, reputation, and customer service. Looking online at a buyer’s reviews and customer testimonials will provide you an idea of their reputation and reliability to ensure you get the best price and avoid scams. This also goes for finding reputable online gold buyers like Alexis Jae Jewelry. 


If you’re wondering the difference between a pawn shop and a gold buyer, pawn shops will offer loans against your gold (with the option to repurchase it later). In comparison, gold buyers will purchase your gold jewelry and scraps at once. The buyer you choose depends on your preference and what you are comfortable with.

What is the process of selling your gold online?


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The process of selling your gold online is simple and hassle-free. After selecting a trustworthy online gold buyer, you will usually complete a form on their website and send in your gold. You will get a valuation of your pieces, and once you agree on a price, you’ll receive your payment. Payment methods are usually through direct deposit or check. Alexis Jae Jewelry makes this process as seamless as possible by sending you a shipping label once you pay an initial processing fee of $50 to ship out your gold. Once we determine the value, we provide a price. If you accept the price, you will receive a payment of the value, and initial fee will be reimbursed. If the price is not accepted, your gold will be returned to you. 


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