Should I Buy my Girlfriend a Ring as a Gift? - Alexis Jae Jewelry

Should I Buy my Girlfriend a Ring as a Gift?

By Greg Kristan

Should I Buy my Girlfriend a Ring as a Gift? - Alexis Jae Jewelry

Should I Buy my Girlfriend a Ring as a Gift?

Should I Buy my Girlfriend a Ring as a Gift

If you're in a long-term relationship, you're probably looking for unique gift ideas that will surprise and impress your girlfriend. You may think that a ring is a great gift to show your girlfriend just how much you care about her. 


However, it's important to consider that giving someone a ring is generally a sign of a deeply committed relationship and might not be the best choice for new couples. Our general rule of thumb is stick with a necklace, bracelet, or earrings unless it's an engagement ring. With help from a jeweler, you can get the perfect piece of jewelry that isn't a ring. 


What to Expect When you Give your Girlfriend a Ring as a Gift?

Giving someone a ring sometimes signals that the relationship is becoming more serious, and it can even be mistaken for an engagement ring. Some customers buy promise rings.  While not quite as symbolic as engagement rings, promise rings have great historical significance and have been exchanged by lovers for centuries to show their commitment to one another. Our general take - find a different gift!


What is a Promise Ring?

Promise rings started as a way for couples to signal their intent to marry one another before becoming officially engaged. The promise ring tradition began in the middle ages when marriage was a long process with several rules that needed to be followed. 


These rings can be very elaborate. Sometimes, the giver would commission a jeweler to personalize the band with engravings. Promise rings often have some sort of inscription that includes their first date or even a short quote that says "I love you" to your girlfriend.


These rings often have colorful gemstones, like birthstones or the recipient's favorite stone. Since younger people tend to give each other promise rings, they're usually less expensive than engagement rings. They may have cubic zirconia in a solitaire setting to keep them affordable. Promise rings also tend to be very simple so that others don't confuse them with an engagement ring. 


Unlike engagement rings and wedding rings, which are worn on the left hand's ring finger, a promise ring can be worn on the left or the right hand.  It can be worn on the ring finger or the middle finger. Some women even wear their promise ring on a necklace.


Rings with Birthstones Instead of Diamonds

If you decide to go with a ring, one way to set a ring apart from an engagement ring is to have it set with a birthstone instead of a diamond. It can also be a trendier ring with shapes such as a star or moon instead of a single stone. 


These days, jewelers make rings out of several different precious metals. Your choice of metal becomes more important when picking a ring with colored stones because the color of the metal should enhance the color of the gem. For example, a yellow gold band can make Topaz, the November birthstone, look more golden. Meanwhile, sterling silver or white gold can make the topaz gem's brilliance stand out and look more amber in color. 


You can collaborate with your jeweler to find out what metals work best with which stones you like, so you can have a perfect piece of jewelry that will leave your girlfriend speechless. 


Should you Give your Girlfriend an Engagement Ring on Valentine's day?

Since it is a holiday made for celebrating love, many people find it natural to get engaged on Valentine's day. Whether or not this is the right day for you to propose to your girlfriend will be unique for your relationship. In that case, congratulations are certainly in order. 


Most people use a diamond engagement ring to propose to their significant other. You can use any precious metal that your girlfriend likes, sterling silver, white gold, rose gold, and even platinum. While diamonds are most common, you can get an engagement ring with a colored stone.


Most engagement rings are designed to fit with a wedding band, so consider how your chosen ring will match with a partner. 


If you're struggling to pick the perfect ring, you can bring one of your significant other's good friends with you to the jewelry store. Her best friend will hopefully have an idea what she wants!


You can only propose once (hopefully), so you want to make sure that you get the perfect ring for them. If you don't know your future fiancé's ring size, you can even bring one of their rings along while you shop, so you can make sure you get the right-sized band the first time. 


What's the Difference Between an Engagement Ring and a Wedding Band?

If you're shopping for an engagement ring, you should keep in mind that your girlfriend will eventually wear it alongside a wedding ring. This means the two bands should match. When you're looking at these two types of rings, it's important to know their differences so you know how they fit to make a set.


Generally, engagement rings have a larger diamond in the setting than a wedding band. Since the stone is larger, these rings will likely have more carats. A carat is a unit of measurement related to the weight of a precious stone or metal (one carat is equal to about 200 milligrams.) 


A wedding band may be simpler than a diamond ring. Generally, wedding bands are minimalistic gold rings with a timeless look that never goes out of style. 


As your relationship matures, you'll probably find more occasions to give your fiancé or wife a ring as a gift. The only reason you should wait before you give your girlfriend a ring is that she might misunderstand your intent.  Fine jewelry is always a fantastic anniversary gift. With the right planning, a ring can be a jewelry gift you can enjoy for a lifetime.


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