Should I Get Earrings or a Necklace for my Girlfriend? - Alexis Jae Jewelry

Should I Get Earrings or a Necklace for my Girlfriend?

By Greg Kristan

Should I Get Earrings or a Necklace for my Girlfriend? - Alexis Jae Jewelry

Should I Get Earrings or a Necklace for my Girlfriend?

Earrings or Necklace for my Girlfriend

If you're not familiar with buying jewelry, it can be daunting to try to pick the perfect gift . If you're agonizing over whether or not to buy your girlfriend earrings or a necklace, don't worry, there are several things to consider ahead of time that can help you make this decision a bit easier.


What is the Best Jewelry to Give your Girlfriend as a Gift?

The best jewelry to get your girlfriend is meaningful and will fit in with her lifestyle. As with anything, the best way to say "I love you" is with a thoughtful gift that shows that you're thinking of her.

Try to buy jewelry that fits with her personal style so that she'll want to wear it again and again. If you're not sure how to match jewelry with your girlfriend's interests, you can ask her best friend or a jeweler for their opinion. Online jewelers are very accessible and easy to get in touch with. Jewelers aren't only trained in evaluating how many carats are in a diamond. Their training can help you pick the perfect jewelry gift for your loved one. This personal experience is lost through Amazon.

Most importantly, buy jewelry that fits your relationship. If you're in a new relationship, you may want to consider simple stud earrings or a pendant necklace. A longer-term partnership could mean that you should be looking for a heart necklace or diamond solitaire earrings.

Finally, if you're very comfortable, and have been in a relationship for a long time, maybe it's time to consider a promise ring or even an engagement ring.

Should I Get my Girlfriend Earrings or a Necklace?

If you can't decide whether to buy your girlfriend earrings or a necklace, first think about what she already has in her jewelry box. Does she have a lot of one kind of jewelry, such as several sets of earrings or multiple necklaces? If she already has so many necklaces that she's unable to wear them all regularly, a pair of diamond earrings might go farther in her wardrobe.

Take cues from your girlfriend's style to see if a necklace or earrings might fit with how she likes to dress. Does she wear a lot of V-neck shirts or sweaters? Then a statement necklace with a heart charm may be the perfect gift. Similarly, if she has short hair, or wears it in an up-do a lot, a pair of earrings could be the ideal addition to her wardrobe to enhance her appearance.

How Do I Choose Earrings for my Girlfriend?

Earrings are a timeless and straightforward way to compliment your girlfriend's face. Depending on the earrings' style, they can bring attention to her eyes, cheekbones, or jawline, helping to define her best features.

If your girlfriend has a round face, long, dangling earrings can help make her face look a little longer, defining her jawline. If you pair those earrings with a gemstone that compliments her eye color, you can give her a present to show her how unique she is.

While dangling earrings are always in-style, if she's active or has a demanding job, you might consider getting her stud earrings. Stud earrings will let her leave them in whether she's in the office or working out.

How Do I Choose a Necklace for my Girlfriend?

Picking a necklace for your significant other is just like selecting any other piece of jewelry. You want to make sure it matches her personal style and is thoughtful.

There are many different other ways you can say "I love you" with a necklace. For example, a simple gold necklace is timeless and goes with almost every outfit.

While diamonds are always-in-style, there are a few other options you can consider when buying a necklace or pair of earrings. MYou can also look at other stones like birthstones, precious gems, and cubic zirconia to make a jewelry piece truly one-of-a-kind.

Sterling Silver or Rose Gold?

If you're not familiar with jewelry, you might not know too much about precious metals and what makes them so important. However, if you're considering jewelry made of silver or gold, it's essential to be comfortable with a few different attributes.

Rose gold is incredibly popular right now, so if you want to make sure you're buying something on-trend, this is a great option to consider for a birthday gift. A rose gold bangle or charm necklace may be perfect for your girlfriend. You can always look at the metal type of your girlfriends jewelry and choose a metal type that matches.

Before you Buy a Silver Necklace

Is your girlfriend allergic to nickel or silver? If you're not sure, it might be best to hold off on buying silver jewelry. Silver is a very soft metal and is often strengthened with nickel, which some people can be allergic to. Since the neck is such a sensitive part of the body, some people are more likely to develop a rash on their neck if they wear a silver necklace.

If your girlfriend loves silver, you can get a similar look by buying jewelry made of white gold or stainless steel. These metals are non-reactive, which means they're safe for people with allergies.

Gift Ideas for Every Occasion

Jewelry is perfect for all gifting occasions, from birthdays to holidays like Christmas and Valentine's day. Many of these suggestions will also work as anniversary gifts, so keep them in mind. Remember to think creatively about what you know about your girlfriend, so you can buy the perfect gift for her when the time comes.

Find the Best Jewelry for a Birthday Gift

There's no better birthday gift for than a piece of jewelry that has her birthstone included in the design. While birthstones are most often seen as pendant necklaces, you can find earrings with your girlfriend's birthstone if you think she'll like that more.

When you consider what kind of birthstone jewelry you want to buy for your girlfriend, think about what precious metal looks best with that stone. For example, January and July feature red stones, garnet, and ruby, which look stunning with yellow gold. Meanwhile, white gold enhances the brilliance of September's sapphire and December's tanzanite.

Wow Her on Valentine's day

When it comes to Valentine's day, simpler is sometimes better. Stick with timeless pieces, like gold or silver necklaces, bangles, and rings.

Unless you're in a very committed relationship, you should rethink getting your girlfriend a diamond ring for Valentine's day. Some women could see a ring as a signal for long-term relationships or even think it's an engagement ring. While this gift says a lot, you should only give it if you're ready to commit for a lifetime together.

There's no better gift to give your girlfriend than the gift of fine jewelry. If you wondered whether it's better to buy earrings or a necklace, you likely have all the answers you need to give her a gift she'll love. The most important thing to remember is that, as with all presents, it's always the thought that counts. We are always here to answer more questions!


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