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Wedding Jewelry Gifts for Bridesmaids

By Alexis Taub

Jewelry Gifts For Bridesmaids - Alexis Jae Jewelry

Jewelry Gifts for Bridesmaids


When it comes to the wedding planning journey, there are, of course, many exciting elements to look forward to, but one of the most special parts is choosing gifts for your bridesmaids. These women have been by your side throughout the entire process, offering support and love, and helping to make your big day perfect.


Thoughtfully selecting jewelry gifts for bridesmaids is a wonderful way to show your appreciation for their role in your wedding and give them a unique keepsake they can cherish for years to come. We’ve got you covered on the perfect gift ideas.

Is jewelry a thoughtful gift?


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Absolutely! Jewelry is a classic and timeless gift that is perfect for any occasion. It is especially meaningful when given as a thank-you to the women who have played such an essential part in your wedding. Jewelry is known to be an heirloom piece, making it extra special to give it as a gift on a meaningful occasion. Jewelry can be worn and enjoyed for years to come, and it can serve as a reminder of the special day and the bond you share with your bridesmaids.


Do you have to buy jewelry gifts for bridesmaids?


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While you don't necessarily have to buy jewelry for your bridesmaids, it is a lovely and thoughtful gesture that will be greatly appreciated. Jewelry gifts for bridesmaids are popular because they are beautiful and practical. They can be worn on the wedding day, and they can also be worn again and again after the wedding is over. Other common bridesmaid gifts include pajamas, slippers, candles, or wine. Jewelry is a perfect gift on the day of your wedding or incorporated into a bridesmaid proposal.


Choosing jewelry gifts for bridesmaids


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Here are some handy hints for carefully selecting beautiful bridesmaid jewelry gifts:


  • Consider the type of jewelry your bridesmaids usually wear and choose pieces that complement their styles. Customize each bridesmaid's jewelry to be yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold to make sure it’s the metal type each member of your wedding party likes most!
  • Choose jewelry that pairs with the color and style of the bridesmaid dresses. For example, if the dresses are beaded, you might choose simpler jewelry to avoid overwhelming the look. Bracelets are a good choice because they are less noticeable.
  • In general, it's best to choose minimalist, classic pieces that your bridesmaids can wear again in the future. Consider delicate necklaces, gold hoop earrings, or simple solitaire bracelets.
  • If your wedding has a particular theme, you might want to choose jewelry that reflects that theme. For example, if you're having a beach wedding, you might want to choose jewelry with sea-inspired designs
  • Consider adding a personal touch to the jewelry, such as a monogram or birthstone. This will make the gift even more special and memorable. We’ve had customers incorporate their wedding stone and/or their engagement ring shape to make an even more meaningful piece of jewelry.
  • Make sure to choose high-quality jewelry from materials that won't cause allergic reactions. You might want to consider hypoallergenic materials such as 14k gold. While gifting gold plated or sterling silver is less expensive, it will quickly tarnish. 18k gold is very nice but often not necessary for bridesmaid gifts.
  • Your bridesmaids will be wearing the wedding jewelry for several hours, so make sure it's comfortable and not too heavy
  • Presentation is critical. Consider packaging the jewelry in a unique box or bag that your bridesmaids can use to store the jewelry after the wedding
  • Set a budget for the bridesmaid gifts and stick to it. You can find beautiful and meaningful jewelry within a reasonable price range
  • Finally, don't forget to express your gratitude to your bridesmaids for their help and support. A handwritten note or a small gift along with the jewelry can go such a long way in showing your appreciation

Creative ways to present your jewelry gifts for bridesmaids


Personalized Bridesmaid Necklace - Alexis Jae Jewelry

● Make the gift-giving process even more special by adding a personalized touch. You can include each bridesmaid's name or initials on a custom gift box or add a special message that is unique to your relationship with them

● Use a small jewelry dish or a customized jewelry box to display the pieces. You can also wrap the jewelry in a special fabric, such as silk or velvet, or place it in a decorative pouch.

● Present a gold bracelet in a special way by wrapping it around a bouquet of flowers or tying it to a small gift box

● Pair the jewelry with a bottle of wine with a custom label featuring a special message or photo. Include a small card that explains why you chose that particular wine for each bridesmaid

● Design a scavenger hunt with the jewelry as the end goal. You can also include small gifts or treats at each location to keep the bridesmaids motivated and excited

● Hire a professional photographer and organize a photo shoot with each bridesmaid wearing the jewelry. This is a fun way to capture memories and create a unique keepsake for each bridesmaid


Popular types of jewelry gifts for bridesmaids


Some popular jewelry gifts for bridesmaids include:


Bridesmaid Necklaces


Bridesmaid Proposal Necklace - Alexis Jae Jewelry

A simple and elegant bridesmaid necklace is always a good choice, and it can be worn with various outfits. Consider choosing a chain with a meaningful charm or pendant that your bridesmaids can cherish forever. Necklaces can be engraved in the back with a special message. When sizing bracelets and necklaces, ensure an adjustable jump ring so your bridesmaid can wear their jewelry how is most comfortable. While chokers are trending, we’d recommend skipping that style for bridesmaid jewelry.


Bridesmaid Bracelets


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A bracelet is a classic choice in terms of jewelry gifts for bridesmaids. They are versatile because they can be worn alone or stacked with other bracelets. You can choose from various styles, including bangles, cuffs, and delicate chain bracelets. Bridesmaid bracelets are a subtle choice because your bridesmaids will all know they’re wearing them together, but they are less noticeable to guests at a wedding than earrings.


Bridesmaid Earrings


Bridesmaid Stud Earrings - Alexis Jae Jewelry

Earrings are a great choice if you want to give your bridesmaids something they can wear on the wedding day. Consider choosing a simple stud earring or something more elaborate, like a teardrop earring, that goes with their outfit. To avoid looking too matchy, we recommend doing different earrings for each bridesmaid if you go down this route. Each bridesmaid will be thrilled with a new earring set!


Does the bride give a gift to the Maid of Honor?


Maid of Honor Gift - Alexis Jae Jewelry

Your Maid of Honor plays such a unique role in your wedding, and as such, she deserves a special gift to show your appreciation.


One option is a Half Diamond Tennis Bracelet. This classic and elegant bracelet is a timeless piece that your Maid of Honor can wear on the wedding day and beyond. It is a beautiful way to thank you for all of the hard work and support she has given you throughout the wedding planning process and your entire friendship.


Better yet, if your Maid of Honor happens to be your sister, this stunning piece can symbolize the lifetime of memories you share.


A cuff bracelet is also an excellent choice for the bridesmaid that loves layering. We love engraving a cute note on the inside of a cuff bracelet.

Have you considered gemstone bracelets in your search for jewelry gifts for bridesmaids?


Pink Bridesmaid Bracelet - Alexis Jae Jewelry

For a stunning and meaningful gift, consider getting your bridesmaids a Solitaire Bracelet featuring the gemstone related to the wedding month. For example, if your wedding is in May, you can find gorgeous emerald jewelry. Tying your wedding date into the gifts can help to bond your bridal party together and make them feel special and included in your big day.


Additionally, the gemstone shape can be made to match the bride's engagement ring for an extra special touch, whether it's round, baguette, pear-shaped, marquise, or something else entirely. A dainty bracelet will usually fit into anyone’s stack!


Gemstone jewelry doesn't have to be limited to bracelets, either. Consider also getting your bridesmaids gemstone necklaces or earrings that match their bracelet or birthstone. This coordinated look will tie your bridal party together and make them feel like a cohesive group.

How about a pair of fun earrings?


Stud Earrings For Bridesmaids - Alexis Jae Jewelry

Earrings are always a popular choice for jewelry gifts for bridesmaids. They come in a wide range of styles and designs and can be worn long after the wedding day has passed.


If you want to give your bridesmaids a fun gift, consider getting them a super cute pair of these 14K Gold Star Stud Earrings. These studs add a playful touch to any outfit and are a great way to show your bridesmaids that you appreciate them. You can gift each bridesmaid a different shape or gemstone earring.


Don't forget a gift for Mom or the Mother of the Groom


Mother In Law Wedding Gift - Alexis Jae Jewelry

It’s all well and good to find the perfect jewelry gifts for bridesmaids, but it’s just as important not to forget about the other important women in your life. When it comes to your mom and your future mother-in-law, they have been there for you throughout the wedding planning process and deserve a special thank you.


A beautiful pendant necklace with a meaningful note engraved on the back can be priceless for the Mother of the Bride or the Mother of the Groom. Butterflies symbolize transformation, which makes this Pavé Diamond Butterfly Necklace the perfect gift to celebrate your wedding day. Additionally, a personalized diamond butterfly necklace will impress them and make them feel special and appreciated.


Keep It In The Family

Pearl Bridesmaid Jewelry - Alexis Jae Jewelry

Do you have loose diamonds lying around or a strand of grandma’s old pearls? If so, why not take this meaningful jewelry and repurpose it to be incorporated on your wedding day. Our brides will often take a strand of pearls and transform it into a modern pearl necklace, pearl drop earrings, or fun bracelet.


When it comes to jewelry gifts for bridesmaids, look no further than Alexis Jae


If you’re searching for affordable fine jewelry for all the iconic women in your life, you need to explore our range at Alexis Jae. We offer an extensive range of affordable fine jewelry, and you’ll be spoiled for choice on your quest for jewelry gifts for bridesmaids. We would be happy to help you choose the perfect pieces for the special people in your life. Contact us today to discuss your personalized needs.



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