How to Properly Care For Your Fine Jewelry - Alexis Jae Jewelry

How to Properly Care For Your Fine Jewelry

By Alexis Taub

How to Properly Care For Your Fine Jewelry - Alexis Jae Jewelry

How to Properly Care For Your Fine Jewelry

Diamonds might last forever, but your fine jewelry still needs proper care to ensure its beauty doesn't lose its luster or tarnish. Here are some tips to keep your jewelry sparkling for years to come: 

1. Clean your jewelry regularly. The best option for home cleaning is mild dish soap, warm water, and a soft brush. Filling a bowl with the cleaning solution and cleaning your jewelry away from the sink is a good idea, so you don't risk any small pieces going down the drain. Dry your jewelry right away with a lint-free cloth to prevent any water spots. 

Pro tip: avoid store-bought jewelry cleaners - these cleaning products have harsh chemicals that dull the finish or damage gemstones. Bleach and other solvents can severely damage gemstones like opals and emeralds, so proper jewelry care is essential. Also, avoid DIY ultrasonic cleaners - this type of cleaning is best left for a professional jeweler. During the cleaning process, the ultrasonic waves can loosen gemstones from their prongs, so jewelry needs to be carefully checked and any loose stones secured before wearing. There's nothing as sparkly as clean diamonds. Jewelers have professional machines to clean jewelry. Don't be shy to ask to drop your engagement ring in if you're ever in a store. 

2. Avoid contact with lotions, hairspray, and perfume. Precious metals like white gold, sterling silver, and platinum can easily discolor from contact with these everyday products. Avoid showering with jewelry to prevent the buildup of shampoo and conditioner. When getting ready, save your jewelry for last. A beautiful piece of jewelry is the perfect finishing touch!

3. Store your jewelry properly. Although it's tempting to throw your jewelry on your dresser or nightstand after a long day, take an extra minute each night to put your jewelry in a safe place. The best spot for fine jewelry is a fabric-lined jewelry box to keep necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry from tangling. If you don't have a jewelry case, wrap your jewelry in a soft cloth or tissue before storing it. Sterling silver needs extra special care; keep silver jewelry in an anti-tarnish bag to preserve its shiny finish. 

4. Insure your fine jewelry. Accidents happen even to the most careful of jewelry owners, so it's a good idea to protect your investment. Although the sentimental value can't be replaced, an insurance policy can give you peace of mind for the monetary value of your jewelry in the event of theft or loss. A professional appraiser can help you determine the value of your type of jewelry, and many homeowners' and renter's insurance policies offer coverage. 

Whether it's a gorgeous new engagement ring, your grandma's heirloom gemstone jewelry, or your favorite gold jewelry, you can protect your fine jewelry with the proper cleaning methods and jewelry storage.


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