Earrings 101: A Guide to Earring Styles and Backs - Alexis Jae Jewelry

Earrings 101: A Guide to Earring Styles and Backs

By Alexis Taub

Earrings 101: A Guide to Earring Styles and Backs - Alexis Jae Jewelry

Earrings 101: A Guide to Earring Styles and Backs

Earrings are the perfect piece of jewelry to elevate any outfit. Ranging from classic studs to statement pieces, this guide will help you find your perfect pair of earrings. 

So what types of earrings and types of backs are out there?

14K White Gold Diamond Studs On Model

  • Stud earrings, which sit snugly on the earlobe, are the most common earring and come in a variety of styles. Diamond studs are a must for any jewelry collection and are perfect for everyday wear. They are a true staple. Alexis Jae offers solitaire diamond studs as well as cluster studs. Other gemstones can be used to add color and create different looks, such as sapphires or rubies. Stud earrings can be customized with any diamond or gemstone cut and size, and are also available with two different back styles. The traditional pushback can be taken on and off easily, while a screw-back option offers the wearer more security that their earrings won't fall out. Screw-backs require fine motor skills as some people find them challenging to take on and off. 

14K Yellow Gold Hallow Hoop Tube Earrings

  • Hoop earrings are another popular style of earring, and they come in a variety of sizes and closures. These gorgeous diamond hoop earrings have a hinged back which is comfortable and secure for the wearer. Some hoop earrings have push-backs, while others come in a clip-on style for wearers who do not have pierced ears. Push backs often have a butterfly back. 


14K Rose Gold Diamond Huggies

  • Huggie earrings are having a moment - this pair is one of our best sellers! These small hoops wrap snugly around the earlobe, offering the look of a hoop without the possibility of the earring snagging on clothing or other items. Huggie earrings usually have a latch back, where a hinged earring post snaps securely into a piece of metal at the back of the earring. They can also have omega backs. 

14K Yellow Gold Diamond Hoop Link

  • Dangle earrings, which hang below the earlobe and have movement, are the perfect way to make a statement. Some dangle just below the earlobe, while others can reach all the way to the shoulder. They often have a push back and can be made with a screw back for more security. A diamond hoop link dangle earring is a gorgeous, bold choice, while these gold dangle diamond earrings are a more subtle way to steal the show. Chandelier earrings are a luxurious type of dangle earring that resembles a crystal chandelier. Necklaces are often omitted when wearing dangle earrings as not to compete with the beauty of the earrings. 

14K Yellow Gold Iolite Dangle Earrings

  • Drop earrings, which hang just below the earlobe, remain stationary when the wearer moves. They are usually made with a push back, lever-back, or a fishhook back and are often adorned with gemstones. Our 18K gold iolite and enamel earrings feature a fishhook back and are the perfect pop of color for any outfit. 
  • Some other popular earrings include threader earrings, ear cuffs, and the recently trendy ear climbers. A threader earring is a thin piece of metal that hangs from both sides of the ear piercing. An ear climber usually has a postback and "climbs" up the ear instead of dangling below the ear lobe. An ear cuff hugs the outside of the ear lobe or cartilage, and does not require the wearer to have pierced ears. 

What are earrings made of?

Jewelers can create earrings out of most types of precious metals and gemstones. Yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and sterling silver are popular choices for earrings and earring backs. Stainless steel is a less common choice.

I have an allergy to gold - can I still wear earrings? 

Of course! We are happy to work with you to design earrings that meet all of your needs - even allergies. Whether you're looking for stud earrings, dangle earrings, or hoop earrings, we can use a titanium post. Titanium is completely hypoallergenic so that you can wear a variety of earrings safely and comfortably. We can add a titanium post to any gold earring. Reach out to us, so we can work together to find your perfect pair of earrings.


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