The Top 5 Wedding Style Trends Of 2022 - Alexis Jae Jewelry

The Top 5 Wedding Style Trends Of 2022

By Alexis Taub

The Top 5 Wedding Style Trends Of 2022 - Alexis Jae Jewelry

The Top 5 Wedding Style Trends Of 2022

As your big day approaches, all you can think about are raucous celebrations, crowded dance floors, and adoring visitors. It is a chance to celebrate everything that has been denied to you in the past, and to look forward to the future with a sense of optimism. In 2022, wedding trends include everything from drag queens - to scented locations - to sober-curious events and customized gifts like the Personalized watch box for men. While Covid's influence on 2022 patterns will be felt, we may expect to witness more backyard weddings and vacations, as some couples prefer the familiarity of home, and others seek adventure. Weddings and anniversaries in 2022 will be individualized, unique, and entertaining, no matter what year it is. But to spice things up, choosing a wedding venue that is environmentally friendly and supporting local businesses will continue to be crucial considerations for many couples. As a result, they will have to combine their priorities with a desire to relax and relive the festivities they skipped out on.

Before we go any further, here are the top five wedding style trends

Back-Yard Weddings 

These last two years have seen a surge in backyard weddings, as well as enchanted-garden weddings held at venues with beautiful, greenery-filled outside spaces, becoming a huge trend. Garden weddings can be more difficult to plan and are only possible during the warmer months, but they offer a variety of benefits, including having more control over the overall look and feel of your wedding and the freedom to keep the party going as late as you want - provided your neighbors do not object. We recently highlighted several back-garden weddings that are sure to provide you with plenty of ideas. The greatest garden party-style wedding venues in Ireland must be your first stop if you are looking for a back-garden wedding and do not have a decent family home.

Personalized watch box for men

Personalized watch boxes for men are getting increasingly popular, and they are the perfect keepsake. It is an excellent way to show your affection for a close friend or family member. For those who want to express their individuality, we offer a variety of customizable timepieces that may be customized with names and monograms as well as personal images. Teachers, dog-lovers, and medical professionals can all benefit from these designs. Alternatively, you can personalize a timepiece with an engraved message or a beloved photo for everyone and any occasion. It is the best method to offer a custom-engraved watch and a wonderful wedding gift for your loved one.


Among the most popular wedding decor themes for 2022, according to Joan, is the addition of greenery. According to her, many couples are looking to make their event settings into gorgeous destinations evocative of their actual wedding destination or fantasy honeymoon locales when foreign travel is still out of the question. Weddings may be enjoyable, immersive, and memorable when you use lush vegetation to emulate the tropical surroundings in Bali or throw a gorgeous Provencal Garden party." Couples planning environmentally conscious weddings may choose to decorate the tables using greenery or miniature plants that guests can take home as a memento of the event. Among the trends she expects to see at weddings in 2022, she thinks that couples will be more creative and eager to hunt for unorthodox décor to amaze their guests.

Multiple Celebrations

Before the pandemic, wedding guest sizes may range from 300 to 600, Joan added. Government laws that restricted banquet sizes during the epidemic had led to a new norm: organizing many events within a day or breaking the celebrations into multiple-day experiences." With several celebrations, couples have greater flexibility in planning their guest lists, enabling them to spend the big day out with their dear ones without the need to limit their presence to just one event. If two-thirds of the attendees at the wedding banquet have gotten their first portion of the vaccine, the maximum number of guests allowed for a wedding banquet in Hong Kong is 240. Joan believes that this regulation will be in place for a long time to come. The lunch and supper events were hosted on the same day for certain clients, while the wedding ceremony was held on a different day. As a result, I'm witnessing a rise in the number of clients who intend to hold their weddings and receptions on separate dates and in various locations."

Rented Wedding Dresses 

Carrie Symonds' rented wedding dress made news when she married Boris Johnson earlier this year. An Ivory Tull and Silk gown by Christos Costarello created by Christos Costarellos was rented for £45. Wedding dress rental is on the rise, with many brides opting to rent one or even more outfits to save money and have the freedom to switch up their look throughout the day without feeling guilty. This trend is expected to continue well into 2022, as more brides opt to rent one or more outfits. An additional 14 percent of Hitched respondents said they would be open to the idea of renting their wedding gown because the typical bride spends £1,313.

$990 million (£700m) will be added to the worldwide online clothes rental market in the next 4 years. Dress rental companies like "Hurr Collective" and "By Rotation" are already expanding into the bridal industry, so look for more of these types of businesses to pop up. Brides are increasingly taking up the legacy that has been passed down for generations: renting their wedding attire. In addition to the cost savings, you do not have to wait for a costume to be created, and dry cleaning is included in the price.

Planning Your Wedding for 2022?

Don't forget to think about jewelry. At Alexis Jae, we love helping from engagement to honeymoon. We're here to help with wedding bands, engagement rings, jewelry for your big day and other events, and bridesmaids' gifts. Please reach out if you'd like to chat further!


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