What Jewelry To Give For a Push Present? - Alexis Jae Jewelry

What Jewelry To Give For a Push Present?

By Alexis Taub

What Jewelry To Give For a Push Present? - Alexis Jae Jewelry

What exactly is a push present?

A push present is a gift given to a new mom after her little one's birth. Push gifts have been a popular choice for decades for a mom-to-be. What's more, it's a perfect gift to show your love and appreciation for all the hard work that goes into becoming a new mom. After all, nine months of pregnancy is a very, very long time.

Push presents can be given by husbands, aunts, uncles, friends, siblings - really anyone! We often see friends gifting jewelry push presents at baby showers. This push present gift guide can also be helpful for mother's day gifts. Push gifts come in such a wide array of styles and prices. We'll be sticking to a variety of ideas for jewelry push presents. All are sure to be loved each time your new mama wears it. After all, jewelry can bring joy for a lifetime, long after that little one has grown. It can even become a keepsake that becomes a family heirloom.

Gemstone Push Presents

Push present jewelry gifts, like babies, come in all shapes and sizes. You might choose a ruby tennis bracelet for a baby born in July or a pink solitaire necklace to celebrate the arrival of a new baby girl. A sapphire gemstone set in a pendant necklace might be the right choice for the new mom of a baby boy. Twins? Then a pair of diamond studs are a perfect push gift idea. There are countless gemstones in all-size carats to select. She will feel loved every time she slips on that push gift.

Birthstone jewelry makes beautiful personalized push presents. Traditional birthstone jewelry has always been a favorite push present gift idea. Like a pearl bracelet for the new mom of a June baby. Or maybe garnet gemstones set in stud earrings to mark the arrival of a little one born in December. Birthstone jewelry gifts are some of the most popular push present keepsakes and most cherished because nothing is more special than celebrating a new mom and her little one and all the hard work that lies ahead.

For your new mom to be, you may decide on a push present with not only your baby's birthstone but with the new mom's birthstone as well. Or even include the new dad's birthstone or all your family members' birthstones in that keepsake push gift, too. 

Push presents that set a gold standard in gifting

Like birthstone jewelry, gold jewelry is a perfect push present. For push presents, we always recommend gold over sterling silver. You might choose a yellow gold locket with your little one's name. You might even want to include the new mom's and the new dad's names to that keepsake locket, too. 

Or start a white gold charm bracelet for your new mom with a sweet charm to mark the birth of that new baby. What's more, a charm bracelet is a sentimental and very traditional favorite to celebrate the arrival of other little ones and special family moments to which you can add charm after charm. 

Alexis Jae offers a beautiful selection of initial necklaces in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. We also provide initial necklaces with diamonds, a baby's birthstone, and other gemstones to make your push present gift a standout. Nothing spells out love like an initial necklace. And no one deserves more love and appreciation than a new mom.


Some Alexis Jae Push Present Ideas

Tennis Bracelet White Gold - Alexis Jae Jewelry
Birthstone Bangle Bracelets - Alexis Jae Jewelry
  • You can never go wrong with a Birthstone Bangle BraceletThese dainty bangles pair well with any stack!


Diamond Initial Necklace - Alexis Jae Jewelry
  • This season's hottest trend is initial jewelry. Initials are always perfect for layering - whether it's on your neck, wrist, or ears. Check out our initial diamond necklacesbraceletstuds, and rings.
Bezel Ring - Alexis Jae Jewelry
  • Birthstone Rings are great because, with each milestone, you can add another one! The more you add, the better they look!
Stackable Rings - Alexis Jae Jewelry
  • Roman numerals are a unique but timeless way to represent a child's birthdate. It is one of the most important days of a mother's life, after all! We're adding to our roman numeral collection of bracelets and rings.
Nameplate Necklace - Alexis Jae Jewelry
  • The most classic push present is baby's name jewelry. Customize the font or add your child's birthstone to these braceletsnecklaces, and rings. We also love a classic nameplate with diamonds!
Personalized Necklace - Alexis Jae Jewelry



  • A growing trend is charms! We love adding charms to different chains to create subtle but versatile push presents. Some of our favorites are donut charmsmonogrammed-inspired charms, and initial charms


Diamond Stud Earrings - Alexis Jae Jewelry
  • You can never go wrong with the classics! Diamond earrings always make a fantastic push present. 


Alexis Jae is your push gift expert

Push presents are a lasting way to celebrate a new mother and the birth of her little one, as well as all that hard work and sleepless nights to follow. If you haven't bought a piece of jewelry since an engagement ring, don't worry, we can help! Our Alexis Jae designers can personalize your push present birthstone jewelry to make your gifting memorable and straightforward. We can help you celebrate your new mom with the perfect gift. Alexis Jae push gifts come at every price point, too. So whether you select a diamond necklace or a gemstone stacking ring, Alexis Jae can help you choose an excellent gift for your mom-to-be. 

Alexis Jae has a vast array of birthstone jewelry to make your push present gifting easy and personalized. You can be assured that whether it's a birthstone pendant necklace, a gemstone tennis bracelet, or a simple and elegant stacking ring, every mom will fall in love with her new mom jewelry. We can help you personalize your push present jewelry to suit your new mom perfectly. It's our mission to help you select a perfect push gift that shows a new mom your love and appreciation. 

Remember, our Alexis Jae designers are here to help with the perfect push present. After all, we have been helping celebrate little ones and their moms for over 75 years. And there is nothing more rewarding than celebrating a new mom and her precious little one.


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